Sunday, March 9, 2014

The iconic Erawan Shrine - Bangkok

One of the most frequented visitor sites in Bangkok is the Erawan Shrine. The story behind the shrine dates back to fairly recent times - the 1950's. During the construction of the Erawan Hotel a series of mysterious and unexplained accidents occurred. Several people labouring on the site were killed. The authorities decided to erect a shrine near the site to prevent these mishaps occurring. I have no evidence to offer on whether it worked or not!
Today, visitors to the Erawan Shrine present gifts of small carved wooden elephants, garlands of flowers and other offerings in the hope of having their wishes granted. Those whose wishes have been granted hire resident dancers to perform in the courtyard to show their gratitude. Unfortunately the shrine has not put a stop to all accidents. Outside, on the busy roads, the area has become a traffic accident blackspot. Drivers, distracted by the goings-on or through taking their hands off the wheel to perform a Wai, have the habit of running into the back of the car in front.

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